The Window Shopper by for Easier Window Blind Shopping

Shopping for window blinds isn’t always a fun task, but technology might make it a bit better. The Window Shopper by iPhone app is a step in the right direction for allowing users to compare different styles and colors of window blinds quickly and conveniently from home. The Window Shopper for iPhone takes online shopping a step further by integrating photos of user’s existing windows into the app to get a visual of the final product.

The Window Shopper by gives users the ability to take photos of their windows, browse through a collection of available blinds and then overlay the images to create a fairly good visual of what the blinds would actually look like. Similar to other computer rendered applications used for previewing decorating ideas, The Window Shopper aids users in narrowing down selections and provides access to for pricing, samples and ordering.

Much like everyone has a different decorating style, shopping styles vary as well. The Window Shopper by provides the ability to quickly compare a few styles and colors and order samples with the tap of a button. Users can place a call to order, but due to the limited capacity of the app it may be best to check the internet site for other company offerings. Other features include the ability to save pictures to an image gallery, save sample selections and share photos with others.

The primary advantage to The Window Shopper is looking at select styles and colors on a picture of the window needing cover. Unfortunately, the functionality of the app isn’t always predictable and the selected blinds don’t always automatically overlay the window images. If the photo aspect were flawless, The Window Shopper may indeed be summarized as the quickest and easiest way to shop for window blinds. Without the flawless integration of product images with photos, it is merely a nice ancillary to the company’s main internet site.

The Window Shopper by is a free app that could prove useful for selecting new window blinds. Styles and colors in addition to those included can be downloaded but isn’t advised over any connection but WiFi. While Window Shopper by hardly revolutionizes the way window blinds are purchased, it does provide a bit of helpful insight into the shopping process.

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