Letterpress – Word Game: Players Match Wits in Strategic Spelling Battle

For all you word game fans, a new and slightly different diversion has been uncovered in the App Store. Letterpress – Word Game is a rather unique game that incorporates strategy when playing words and scoring against opponents. Making use of Game Center, Letterpress – Word Game pits players against one another in a battle for letter squares, points and eventually the win.

Here’s the twist. Not only are you trying to score points by spelling words with available tiles, you are also trying to steal points from your opponent by using letters last used by them. The concept is a bit confusing at first, but with the built-in “how to play” tutorial and a few rounds, it’s a brilliantly simple and challenging game that’s quick to complete and addictive to play.

Letterpress – Word Game makes use of turn-based play. Though the Game Center integration is practical, the game itself is missing a few elements in the overall incorporation. But on the flip-side, the strategic elements of Letterpress – Word Game are a welcome inclusion and provide a challenge that other word games typically leave out. The overall interface is solid, even if not smooth and the design is simple but fitting, with a variety of color schemes to personalize the appearance.

Solid as the concept for Letterpress – Word Game is, there are some key components that are obviously missing. The lack of a “rematch” button to continue concluded games is a primary omission. Whether you’re playing with strangers or Game Center friends, a one-tap “rematch” button is essential in a game where wits are being matched. Another issue that is notable is a connection issue that isn’t too frequent, but noticeable nonetheless. It’s unclear whether this problem stems from Letterpress, Game Center or both, but it is noticeable if you play enough – and fans of Scrabble, Words with Friends and similar games are gonna wanna play.

Once you get playing, Letterpress – Word Game is quite engaging. The strategy begins with trying to keep your score higher than your opponent’s. To spell and submit a word, tap on any letter in any order – the tiles don’t have to be touching or connected in any way. When you spell a word and submit it, the letter tiles will change color in your favor. You get points for using previously unclaimed letter tiles and for “stealing” back or using one of your opponent’s colored tiles. To keep a tile permanently your color, use it and the tiles surrounding it in one word. It sounds simple, but to keep your score up, you’ve got to make good use of the tiles each turn. The game ends when all of the tiles on the board have been used at least once.

If you’re not convinced a fun new word game would be a worthwhile investment, you can download Letterpress – Word Game for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free. In order to play more than two games at a time, you’ll need to purchase the in-app upgrade for $.99. The ability to have multiple games going at once is obviously the best way to make the most out of a game like Letterpress, but be prepared to be frustrated at the current inability to immediately “rematch” an opponent.

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