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Hello Vino, from Drive Thru Interactive, aims to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: What wine makes a good match for a pizza with pineapple and ham? Answer: Any wine that will kill the taste of pineapple (Ba-doom!).

But seriously folks, it’s a Riesling, a sweet wine with a “peach orange blossom [to] match.” If you want me to be more specific, a good match (one of three listed) is a Knoll Riesling Loibenberg Federspiel. I have no idea what that means.

I know some of this because Hello Vino, which is free, told me so. Hello Vino is a wine-cask-full of food and wine pairings. Perhaps no other aspect of the sometimes arcane rituals of wine drinking confounds most people than what food and wine go together. Somewhere there are wine-drinking rules — by Hoyle or someone else as authoritative.

Suppose you found the bottle of Knoll Riesling Loibenberg Federspiel you purchased was decidedly delightful and delicious and you just had to tell someone. Tap the Share icon and tell your friends on Facebook and your followers on Twitter or submit your notes with a rating of the wine to the Hello Vino Web site.

According to Drive Thru Interactive, the app contains 2,000 pairings, which the company claims is the most comprehensive of these apps. I’ll get to work eating and drinking and get to you in about 6.5 years and let you know how I made out.

You also can search for a specific wine while you’re booze shopping or ordering at a restaurant.

Helpfully, Hello Vino provides pricing for each of the suggested wines, among other bits of info. I can’t vouch for the prices, but they must vary quite a bit from one place to the other. So I wouldn’t go by them solely if I were you.

I was dismayed to find typos in this app and I didn’t have to look very far to find them.

Still, if you need to know what wine goes with what food or occasion, by style and taste, and country and region, Hello Vino does that very well. It’s a good looking, easy to use app too.

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