Gulf Talk Animates Political Views for Chance at Viral Video Fame

For all those readers that have always wanted their own political talk show, well, your wait is over, because Gulf Talk is the app for that.

Gulf Talk is a creative app by developer Tawfia ALMaghlouth that gives you the tools to build an animated video using political figures as talking avatars. With a little planning, it could just be your ticket to fame on the viral video circuit. Remember this:

Political Ideas Expressed As…
long-winded blog posts = creepy manifesto
funny animated video = viral fame

If you spent the last election season over-sharing on social media, then it’s time to make up with your network. Using simple out-of-the-box tools Gulf Talk can help you go from “annoying political guy” to “funny video guy” by spicing up political speech with engaging 3D animation.

The app will give you the tools to make your own talk show by uploading a recording of your own voice or any speech or lecture that you choose. You then choose two characters and Gulf Talk will animate a conversation between the two avatars, which you can then upload to YouTube or other social media outlet of your choosing.

Gulf Talk is a free download on the App Store. It includes two characters to get you started, a standard host and hostess, but if you want to get really creative with your videos, you might want to try adding other characters, which can be purchased for $0.99 each.

The app has 10 different characters that you can purchase for your videos: Adeel Imam, Ahmadi Nejad, Arnold, Bashar, Halla, Hilary, Morsi, Nasarullah, Obama, Sami Al Jabar—and if you know who any of these people are, other than Hilary, Arnold and Obama, then Gulf Talk just might be the app for you.

One of the most interesting aspects of Gulf Talk is the ability to control the host and guest’s expressions throughout your video. The app allows you to change your characters expressions to match the words that your video is speaking. You have the option to give your host a myriad of expressions such as: angry, crazy, crying, curious, disappointed, excitement, happy and many more. The ability to play with your avatar’s demeanor makes using Gulf Talk so much more fun, and helps to liven up your videos.

Gulf Talk is an interesting app, and definitely something you won’t see every day. Whether you’re looking for a way to let loose your political expressions or try your hand at video animation, this app offers up a unique experience with room to experiment. Gulf Talk is worth a try for anyone who loves making animated movies or video messages.

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