Gemmed! Lite Sparkles in the Match-Three Genre

Gemmed! Lite by Wasted Pixel is an iPhone app that caught me by surprise. When I first got Gemmed Lite, I wasn’t expecting much. I previously played similar match-three games on other phones. I played those games to death and frankly became burned out with these types of puzzle games. So when Gemmed Lite came my way needless to say I wasn’t jumping for joy.

As soon as I started Gemmed! Lite I immediately perked up. The graphics alone are far superior to what I was used to; and the complexity of this seemingly simple game creates challenging, exciting fun.

The goal of Gemmed! Lite is to free the monsters that are trapped in the rows of gems. To do so you are required to match three of the gems in a row. You accomplish this by moving other gems to swap places with ones that will allow you create the third in a row. By working your way through the gems to rescue the monsters you’ll unlock power-ups, obtain bonuses and create situations where the monsters can eat gems.

While I enjoyed the Lite version immensely the paid version appears to be even better by almost ten-fold. Especially if you’re from the school of more is better. The free version only has six levels to work through while the paid version has fifty, that’s right 5-0, levels to challenge you and even more monsters to rescue.

If you have been a fan of games such as Bejeweled or Bubble Breaker and you’re ready to take your game to a whole new level. Gemmed! Lite is just the game you’ve been searching for. This simple game style from the past has been dressed up, received a little botox, and is back for you to take another look at — much like your high school sweetheart. But unlike her, Gemmed! Lite is a keeper.

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