Eat24 is an Impressive Food Concierge For Ordering Take-Out Day or Night

When some of us get hungry, we run to the fridge, supermarket, fast food joint, etc. For those of us who prefer their meals with a tad more class, we either find our butler or turn to eat24, the mobile food finder and concierge service for iOS devices.

Like most ‘food finder’ or restaurant review apps out there, after registering a free account the app allows you to enter (or have the app discover) your location and find the local eateries that suit your pallet. From there though, the experience turns into one like none other. With eat24 you can figure out the menu, specials, and even request your order to specific requests or needs. The ability to customize your order with any restaurant under the eat24 approved list offers you the option to make special requests, changes, notes, and more with your order. When you’re done, you choose your payment option (cash or charge) and can even include the tip right on your payment receipt for eat24, giving you a quick easy, and clean way to manage all your costs and stats with your order. Best of all, eat24 will call you when you place your order.

When I placed mine, eat24 not only called to confirm my order and information with the phone number I listed, but also made sure to ask (in my case) if I knew the restaurant was not yet open — which also brings up another great feature of eat24, preordering. If the restaurant does not offer certain specials (such as a “happy hour” discount) until a certain time or has not yet opened, eat24 allows you to completely place your order, get a receipt, and pick the time you want your food to arrive at. Not only do they call right after you place the order, but they’ll call once the restaurant has your order and starts to cook it, confirming the time of arrival once again. Now that’s service! It should also be important to note this service is something eat24 offers 24/7 365 — ensuring if you want a snack, nosh, or full on meal, you’ve got a way to easily and

But, like all high-end services, eat24’s bonuses and features come at a cost. While eat24 offers the perks of convenience, it should be noted most restaurants are seemingly (at least for my area) more highly priced then their competitors. Then again, there are no surcharges, convenience fees, or hidden costs associated with the app – in fact they give you coupons and credit for using the app! All prices are straight off the restaurant’s menu and at most you may pay a delivery fee. In the end this goes to show what kind of features and experience the app offers.

In all honesty, eat24 is probably great for the once in a while purchase or deal, especially considering the convenience, coupons, credit, and other bonuses associated with it. If you’re in a small town or obscure area you may have to travel a fair distance to find a compatible restaurant, and find only a handful that are in your interests or even compatible. Over time though it’s likely eat24 will continue to add partners and increase their compatibility to more and more restaurants.

One thing’s for certain though, eat24 will make you feel like a king wherever you eat. Try it out for free on the Appstore, where it’s a universal app for all iOS devices 4.2 and later.

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