Delve into Basic Human Psychology with I Know What You Think – The Psych Quiz App for iPhone and iPad

Ever want to delve into the human psyche and compare your thoughts, judgments or opinions with others’? Have an interest in psychology, demography or behavioral economics? Then check out the iPhone/iPad app I Know What You Think. A completely different kind of educational app that focuses on statistical references and experimental results, I Know What You Think (IKWYT) features multiple choice quizzes in 28 different categories for you to test your knowledge of basic psychology.

Would you push a man in front of a moving train if it saved lives? Do you know what the most common interracial marriages are comprised of? Is there evidence that suggests people will intentionally appear ignorant to conform to group pressure? These questions and hundreds more are explored through multiple choice quizzing in categories ranging from corruption to social norms to food and beverages. The quizzes are based on various studies and surveys conducted over the past 100 years and in many cases, you may be surprised by the answers.

I Know What You Think is primarily academic, with a bibliography included that provides sources for each category and the experiments or surveys referenced. A keen way to brush up on Psychology or Sociology, IKWYT encompasses a few different academic interests. Even if academia is not a priority, I Know What You Think has some purely entertaining facets as well. Some of the facts you can learn with this app are interesting and even thought provoking. Granted users have to take the quizzes, ranging on average from 10 to 15 questions, but some of the scenarios and experiments are nonetheless interesting to read about and ponder.

The quizzes are available for taking an unlimited number of times. The app does keep track of how many questions you guessed correctly for the duration of the quiz, but does not store them to memory. You do not have to complete a quiz to return to the main menu and select another category and there is no time limit imposed. The information is merely presented in the form of a question with four answer options to each question. If you really want more information about a specific study or experiment, there is a well-organized bibliography accessible from the options menu. The sources are not, however, hyperlinked to the web in any way.

I Know What You Think isn’t your typical entertainment, trivia or educational app, but it is a unique presentation of a variety of psychology, sociology and philosophy tidbits. It doesn’t have much appeal to the masses, but for students, teachers or anyone with an interest in general psychology or demography, it has merit. IKWYT is free to download and has no ads or other intrusive obstacles to distract from the basic presentation of information.

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