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If you’re a world traveler (or just wish you were), Small Luxury Hotels of the World is an iPhone app that introduces you to some of the finest hotels planet earth has to offer. Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) is a booking agent that has hotel membership in excess of 500 hotels world-wide. The Small Luxury Hotels of the World iPhone app is essentially a mobile companion to their website and offers all the same features, including the ability to book a reservation online from your phone or place a call directly to a reservation team member.

As a travel companion, the SLH app is very lovely to look at and intuitive to use. The app filters hotels by location and special offers or allows users to search for a specific hotel or hotel type, such as beach resort, golf resort or game lodge. It also provides in-app access to membership in the Small Luxury Hotels club, which is free to join and offers basic member rewards and benefits available by booking a reservation with one of their member hoteliers.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World seems to be a fairly stable and reliable app – a pretty essential feature if you’re going to be using it while actually traveling. The ability to locate a hotel near you or near where you want to go isn’t complicated, but these aren’t chain hotels that are everywhere; they’re small luxury hotels that are in select locations only. Think bigger cities like Chicago, Miami, New York, Toronto, London and Hong Kong – not Indianapolis or Daytona Beach.

The SLH app has the standard features many hotel apps have in that it allows easy, location-based searching for accommodations and the option to click or call for reservations. Users also have the ability to search hotels with special offers, some of which don’t require membership to their club, and include special rates for multiple nights. Club members have access to rewards like earning a free night or discounts and if you find a cheaper rate, SLH has offers to make it up. As an added feature, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World app also has an “explore” option that displays attractions nearby on Google maps.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World is a nice traveling companion app for finding luxury resorts and spas around the world. Granted their hotelier membership isn’t as large as some, which narrows options a bit, but for the type of hotels SLH represents, the iPhone app provides simple, streamlined access to the necessary information – including multiple photos, rates, and easy booking options.

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