Air Guitar Rocks Out

The App Store has something for everyone including amateur rockers. Air Guitar by Inedlible Software will have you spinning and strumming away to your favorite hits. It’s a fun entertainment app that uses the accelerometer of the phone so you get the full effect.

Here’s how it works. Launch Air Guitar and you’ll be taken to the instructions screen. If you rotate the phone on it’s side you’ll see the fretboard. If you rotate it back it disappears. With the fretboard out choose a chord. Then strum the device.

Pumping your hand is how your going to strum the device. The harder you pump your hand (strum) the louder the sound is. The softer you do it the softer the sound is. Strum a note and rotate the device towards the ground if you want to whammy.

The other button from the main screen is the tuning screen. Here you have the option to choose bass or guitar. You may also choose from the preset progressions on this screen. Progressions will help you pick notes that sound good together. There is also an advanced mode that offers you more note options.

Air Guitar does lots of things well. It has a nice crisp visual interface. The sounds are clear and pretty realistic but it didn’t get as loud I would have liked. This might be due to the limited speaker volume on my iPhone. It’s nice to have all those progressions but it would be better to have a few more chords. And the ability to play more than one note at a time would be great too.

Parents, roommates and those that share living space with Air Guitar fans will be delighted that the app still functions perfectly with the headphones on. Currently Air Guitar is just $1.99 in the App Store which feels a little under priced for this app especially considering how much entertainment it offers.

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