1Card is One Way to Streamline Customer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are one of the leading marketing strategies used by nearly every retail establishment across the globe. As the number of loyalty or coupon cards increases, so does the bulk of our wallets and key rings – after all, we don’t want to miss out on a deal. App developers have caught on to this consumer conundrum and now there are mobile apps available to store and track consumers’ reward and customer loyalty cards in one convenient place.

One such app is 1Card – a quasi, mobile wallet application that lets users store their card information, numbers and barcodes in their phone and leave their pile of actual cards at home.

1Card has a number of popular retailers pre-installed, ranging from Barney’s New York to Target and Lego to True Value Hardware. Of course there is also an option to manually enter a custom card with information for establishments not already listed. Adding a card is simple enough as users simply enter the name of the card, the number or take a picture of the card’s barcode.

While most retailers aren’t equipped with the laser scanners that will read the digitized barcode, all retailers have the ability to manually enter the number. Having a useable reward or loyalty card when and where you need it without a bulky wallet or key ring certainly has advantages – namely, traveling lighter.

Other features of 1Card include a GPS function that will populate your cards based on your location and the stores nearest you. There are also special offers included that populate the same way, but the currently available offers are primarily in Italian so if you’re Stateside they are of no value. Special offers aside, the virtual cards users enter are neatly organized and displayed in a virtual wallet and a quick scroll and tap will whip out the card you want to use.

For anyone with a huge stack of customer loyalty cards, 1Card is one way of downsizing the wallet and managing your cards. It is free to download and fairly easy to set up and use. New users will have to create a free account or register and login with Facebook credentials. Once 1Card is set up, a quick process, you can begin entering your card information and then add any new cards as necessary.

Another option is the Key Ring Reward Cards app, which is also free and works in similar fashion, but populates special offers applicable to retailers in the US.

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